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Who's Watching the Watchmen?

I, for one, will be feeding my inner nerd. Hopefully, this weekend.

One of my blogging hermanos, Latinegro, wrote a review for the Watchmen Movie over at his blog. The movie is based off the great graphic novel, Watchmen, and written by the same gentleman who brought the world V for Vendetta.

I believe it is Friday. I've truly had an exhausting week outside of cyberspace, crisscrossing NYC, re-enacting my own version of
Taxi Driver (without the mohawk and the killing) for toddlers, teens and senior citizens.

Besides, I love giving shine to others when I can. Especially since it's been that kind of week for me.

But before you read any further add your two cents to my poll below:

Now watch the trailer, read the review and if you've got the money, blow it on a great STORY with some great special effects.

Happy Friday.


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