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The Back-To-Me Challenge: UPDATE



After the original writing of this post I suffered a number of foot and knee ailments that probably came with going too much too soon with more lard than I anticipated. I spent a couple of months recuperating and doing nothing until I got some new running shoes and added water to my diet.

I've been every other day for the past month and I have to say it feels great! I began feeling like a lumbering old man dragging two bowling balls behind me, one attached to each ankle. Now, I'm holding my own, running with a solid pace and a strong stride. The initial aches and pains have passed and I'm beginning to feel a little bit lighter on my feet. I want to be able to play all day with my daughter and go head to head with my son without needing an ice bath afterward. It's my two part commitment to myself and my family. So far so good. I'm going to add weights and exercises as soon as I feel comfortable and confident in my aerobic endurance.

I ran across this article on MSN the other day and thought it would be a great read for anybody out there who needs a little guidance on what to eat and how to eat it. I don't agree with everything written in the piece, but all of it is worth taking a look at.

Check it out here: 20 Superfoods for Weight Loss



My wife is disgusted by me. As much as she's been teasing me about my weight she simply doesn't understand how I could not work out for 3 years (since the birth of my daughter) and only gain 24 pounds. She it would only take her 3 months to do the same.

Who cares? I've gained 24 pounds! As subtle as the weight gain has been, I feel it and although no one else claims they notice, I can see it as clear as day. If my boot camp instructor (a crazy Panamanian who turned me into a machine in the months before my daughter's birth) saw me on the street he would probably beat me, set me on fire, call me all kinds of girlie names, make me do a hundred push-ups and crunches (while punching me the entire time), and make me run a five minute mile (to put out the flames). Just as any good trainer should. And now you know why my wife doesn't like working out with me.

My self-challenge began a while ago but now that the weather has gotten a little better I can begin to put the outdoor parts of it in motion. My Back-To-Me Challenge is to:Photobucket
  • get back into peak physical condition
  • get back into the things that made me me such as church, foreign films, and indulging in perfect, time-consuming shaves
  • get back into reading for the love of it
  • get back into learning what my likes are and pursuing my goals as if there's no tomorrow
  • get back to being in tune with my spirit and allowing myself to be guided by it versus the foolishness of this society
  • get back to the place where I never settled and rarely took "no" for an answer
Today, not tomorrow - not next week, is the best day to begin turning things around. What do you need to do to get back to you?

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