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Black Love?

Black_LoveSitting on the stoop after the longest church service ever, Easter 2009.

I know that since the election of President Obama the whole world has been "introduced" to the existing for hundreds of years' reality concept of African Americans loving each other and existing in a functioning family unit. (Scratching my head) This is all I've ever known --- growing up, and now as a grower-upper of little ones. It's also what I was surrounded by in my neighborhood, in my schools and in my church. Even in those instances when the family unit wasn't "complete", the love was overflowing. This wasn't the stuff of fairy tales. My family was no Cosby Show, nor was anyone else's I knew...well, there were a few. It was just normal, boring, everyday reality that I've come to cherish more and more in my old age.

And now I'm passing it on to my own family. I thank God that I'm able to. Not everyone is as fortunate --- black, white, brown, green, pink, purple, polka dot or otherwise.

We're at the end of my week of mostly photos. Happy Fatherhood Friday and Happy Friday.

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