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How Could I Forget?

I didn't forget...the wife and I argued for most of last week. At the time, the last thing I was interested in doing was dedicating a post to her.

The reality is that I couldn't have done any of this without her, especially since men can't give birth (at least this man can't no matter what science might come up with). The last in my series from last week: my beautiful, mohawk rockin', opinionated, outspoken, opinionated (yes, I said it twice and the next one too) outspoken, wife who has told me point blank on numerous occasions, "If we ever break up, I'm coming back to you for more kids because you make cute babies." If she ever started a blog of her own I'd be finished, but she's too busy trying to take over Corporate America so I'm good for the next several years.

BTW - we made up.


I provoke this look several times a week. I like to call it the Clearly, You've Lost Your Damn Mind glare.

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