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I'm Leaving My Wife

No Question of the Week this week, folks.

I can no longer play this game with myself, nor can I play it in my home. Things just aren't working out. We've tried again and again, gone to counseling, prayed together, talked for hours and days, written contracts to one another. All of it in vain.


Because sometimes things just aren't meant to be. Even with kids. We are working toward something amicable, but amicable is very hard to achieve when you've been at each others' throats for so long.

Here at MakesMeWannaHoller I've sought to entertain and hopefully in the process educate and give some insight into the mind of a man --- an African American man, specifically --- to show what fatherhood and husbandry looks like through my eyes. My hope was that readers would see that my version of fatherhood/husbandry wasn't much different than anyone else's as we all belong to the human race (forgive the cliche). But the husbandry part has been a sham and I can't speak to anyone about getting along under the same roof when I can't get along under mine.

The one thing I cannot do is lie to you or myself. Because of this rule that I live by I would ask you to stop reading this right now and check your calendar for today's date. It should say April 1, as in the first day of April, as in April Fool's Day. Close your mouth. You're gonna catch flies. Gotcha... I'm not leaving my wife or kids. My life is great.


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