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In The Beginning


Way back when...when the little girl was just a passing thought in my mind (and I had no idea who her mother would be), when my son was hardly a consideration because he was simply "this woman's kid," I tripped the lights fantastic all over the sidewalks and subways of New York with the woman pictured above who knew because she put a root on me she'd be my wife.

We also traveled outside of the contiguous U.S. The picture above was taken at the Captain's Dinner on our cruise of the Caribbean roughly a year into our relationship. My clippers were damaged when she rearranged my bag so that I could wear the shoes she wanted me to wear on the plane ride from NYC to Puerto Rico where we cast off. A barber for over a decade, I carved a race track into my head with these busted clippers so hideous that I had no choice but to take a razor blade to the damage and go bald for the duration of the trip. I didn't know anyone on the boat other than her so if I looked ridiculous, I didn't have to worry about seeing anyone I knew.

I've been rockin' a baldie ever since. And ever since, she's been with me.

Today is my 18-month anniversary of marriage and I must be truthful when I say 6 months into my 2nd year of marriage is a WHOLE lot better than my 6 months into my 1st year of marriage was.

Happy Anniversary to my wife. Thank you, wife, for sticking around.

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