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Let's Talk About Sex...

Sex is such a taboo subject for married folks, but isn't marriage the place where sex is supposed to flourish? You have kids (so obviously you've had sex), you have one partner (hopefully), you have no inhibitions (you shouldn't) and other than getting the kids out of the house there's none of the angst of planning, rejection, and everything else that potentially go wrong when playing the field as a single person.

I tried this several months back and got some pretty pitiful results. I thought I'd try again. This poll is COMPLETELY anonymous. I'm posting it here today and on my Twitter page where it will remain open until Monday, April 6. Here's the direct link to the poll if you want to link to it. I'd like to be able to write something soon based on the results. I've turned off the comments for this post, so if you're married and have something to say, VOTE.

Sorry, unmarried folks. Next time.

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