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Mother's Day 2009

So what did I do for the mothers in my life on Mother's Day?

  • After being out until 3am at a friend's birthday party the night before I begged my wife to go to church with me. She yelled at me to let her sleep.
  • After she woke up, I gave my wife a Mother's Day balloon because she hates flowers then I took her to brunch at the neighborhood diner.
  • We went to collect our son from my mother-in-law (where he had spent the night) and then we went to the hotel where my parents are staying during their week-long visit and collected the baby.
  • We went home to get ready for dinner where I had a reservation for 13 at Brasserie Les Halles on Park Avenue.
  • I passed out cards and gifts to wife, mom and the wife took care of the mother-in-law. I gave a toast then we chowed down on some serious food. I had the Flatiron Steak with green peppercorn sauce (ate it in 5 minutes flat) paired with home cut pommes frites (of course), a mescelun salad and a glass of Shiraz that remained full no matter how many times I drank it dry. Hmmm....


At one point during dinner I asked my wife to take some pictures of me at my end of the table. Of course she said yes. Later when I went to review the pics she took I viewed a table setting, some people at her end of the table and this rich photo below of me not at the table at all (I was in the restroom).


Ah well, there's always Father's Day. But I believe I won't be in those pictures either.

All in all it was a great day! What did you do (or have done) for Mother's Day?

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