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Honeymoon Quest 2009

Mother's Day aside, the last fourteen days have been extremely unpleasant for me. It happens to all of us at one point or another where everything comes crashing down all at once. Well laid plans go bust and dreams get deferred against your will no matter how hard you try. I am one who believes wholeheartedly in the idea of every setback being a setup, especially as a believer in Christian doctrine, a witness to miracles and a man who's faith has driven him through certain failure to success. But the last two weeks reduced me to a snarling, backbiting, hate-speaking mess of a man. And it all ended in tears in front of the one woman who knows me just about as well as I know myself: my mom. And the woman who knows me almost as much, my wife, helped me wipe away the tears.

In the midst of all this it dawned on me that in my wife and I's pursuit of a great life for our family we have consistently overlooked the fact that we never went on a honeymoon. Yes, we got married in Barbados, but we left right afterward, plugging ourselves right back into the belly of the beast that is New York and barely missing a beat in the parenting department as all of us with kids know we must do (I hope you know this).

But my wife deserves her honeymoon --- our honeymoon. And I'd like to include you guys in the planning if possible as I begin my quest do right by her in this regard. I had a sheet of paper where we listed our top choices and now it and the notebook it was in have gone missing in my house. I completely expect to find it after I publish this post. I do vaguely remember our options, but none of the specifics:

  1. Europe - Paris, Portugal, Spain
  2. South America - Argentina, Brazil
  3. The South Pacific - Fiji Islands, etc.
  4. A bunch of Mediterranean Isles (I think)
  5. Morrocco

All the places that are currently being decimated by war and are hardly safe for Americans were left off the list, so all of the Middle East is not an option, nor is India, and Egypt (my dream vaca).

Based on the above, where should we go? For those of you who love an anonymous poll you can vote at my Honeymoon Quest 2009 Poll.

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