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Sometimes humor is the best medicine. There was a time when every post I published was reportedly funny. Then once I began to get a little serious and layered a commenter stated:

"That's it? I don't get it, where's the punchline?"

As if my life was some sort of joke. But, hey, that's what I was presenting.

For the time being the lighter side is where I need to be. To keep things fresh for myself and to keep things sane. A blogger (friend in my head) who's a star at this writes over at Hot Chocolate Caramel Mocha. Check her out. She's hilarious.

On to my discussion on Osmosis:

Two days ago I was watching the Laker game and don't remember blacking out just before the end of the first half. I was still recuperating from a weekend paintball match, and just happened to have a splitting sinus headache that erupted into a tension headache that made me run from light like my name was Lestat. Last I remember I was sitting upright, wide awake and the Lakers were down.

Midway through the second half my wife went to turn down the volume and I sprang up to say: "Don't turn it off I'm watching it!" She explained that she was merely turning down the volume.

I instantly went back to sleep. My head was tilted back on my neck, mouth wide open and I snored until I woke up at 1 in the morning. (The wife couldn't sleep that night so she working on her grad school applications in the dining room).

Here's the thing:
I don't remember any of this. I only found out about this when I read about it (taken verbatim here) on my wife's Facebook page. One of her friends commented that men are able to watch TV with their eyes closed and backs to the screen because they take in the game by some sort of osmosis.

...makes sense to me.

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