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Out of the Mouths of Babes

What a week! It got off on the wrong foot carrying baggage from last week. But it came to a close on a positive note yesterday. Now onto the weekend...

...but before I sign off for the week I figured I'd leave you with some words of wisdom from my littlest one as my biggest one is currently suffering all sorts of physical ailments due to the monstrous growth spurt he's currently experiencing and has been rendered completely useless.

Wednesday Morning

While driving to drop my folks off for their return trip home my daughter says:

"Daddy, I want you to buy me a little car with little seats and a little [steering] wheel, so I can drive my sweeties [her dolls] around."

"Okay, baby," I say weakly.

My mother laughs hysterically.


Wednesday Afternoon

Traveling home after picking my son up from school my daughter says:

"Daddy, I miss grandma and grandpa."

"You'll see them soon," I answer.

"I'm sad and I'm gonna go home and eat a Happy Cake."

[I have no idea what a Happy Cake is, and I'm certain she doesn't either.]


Thursday Night

After about the fifth Clash of the Children for the night my daughter runs down the hall after her brother and screams:

"Shut the eff up!" [I don't need to spell this out, do I?]

The resulting chaos that ensued was the stuff of television. Mom chased down her daughter like she stole from her and launched a Bad Cop interrogation that left said perpetrator dazed and crying hysterically. I followed up as Good Cop which also left her crying hysterically. And my son, the alleged victim? He didn't even hear what she said.

Real random: Does anyone out there watch Southland? Is this a great show or is this a great show?

Well folks, I'm off to doctors' appointments for the rest of the morning and plotting out the rest of my future after that. Happy Fatherhood Friday and Happy Friday.

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