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My Son is Lil' Dez

Buffoonery aside, I really enjoyed Nike's Lebron/Kobe puppet campaign. I'm sure it would've only gotten more ridiculous had they been competing against one another in the Finals. But in always being prepared for the inevitable and not wanting to be caught, pants-down, the people at Nike (the PR firm they hired) have this great piece featuring Lebron's neighbor's nephew/son. Not only is it funny, but if you have a child of any age besides grown this kid hits the nail right on the head, especially the dinnertime/allergy scene. I've had many nights like this with my son talking a hole in my head about some video game he wants and most of my life with my daughter has now become her yelling my name to tell me how many Dora the Explorer accessories (that don't even exist, such as Dora skateboards, Dora cars, Dora spaceships, Dora surface to air rocket launchers, Dora hot-air balloons, Dora computers, etc.) she wants me to buy for her.

Gotta love it! I do.


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