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Where There is a Challenge There is an Opportunity...

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Ross Oscar Knight Photography | Destination Wedding Photographers: Where There is a Challenge There is an Opportunity...

The above blog post falls right in line with the can of worms I opened yesterday. After seeing the photo in the link above I'm now convinced that my wedding photographer (who I had drinks with 4 days ago) is operating on a completely different level of creativity...like Neo did in The Matrix. I come from a family of creative producers, in particular an uncle who was nationally and maybe even internationally renowned for his artwork (sculpting in metal, oil painting and photography), and even my father, although an academic, completely creative in his approaches and a lover of photography himself. I'm really not in the business of sweating people, but I must say, I've never seen a photo like the one in the link above. Maybe I don't browse enough photography magazines or maybe dude is just an awesome talent.

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