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Home Alone, Not Called, And Priceless

Last night, my wife and I parted ways at Newark Airport where she boarded a plane and embarked on a new chapter in her life: Her Executive MBA program down in Atlanta. She's down there for 2 weeks' worth of orientation and classes before she comes home...I believe it is her intention to get her degree and take over the world...or something...

I smiled...happy for her...happy for the space...but came home a bit on the lonely side...before coming home I stopped over at my mother-in-law's where we drank beer and watched HBO.

My son
doesn't call me, EVER...except to tell me he can't send a text message or receive picture mail...

I think back to when I was a kid and try to remember if I did my parents the same way, in my own way, since there were no cell phones back then...

My father spoke
to me this morning to check on me...my daughter overheard and asked to speak to me...she told me she missed me...she told me she loved me...she asked me what I was doing today...she told me she was getting ready to eat breakfast...I told her I loved her back.

I smiled as much as my face would physically allow...

I dug this up from the archives and figured I'd share. It deserves dusting off. After all, this is a blog about family and kids.

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