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Barbados NOT (Today)!

I am currently swirling around in the fiery muck known as traveling Hell:

  1. Stayed up all night to get to the airport on time.

  2. Found out 1 child's passport expired while checking bags.

  3. Wife started crying at the counter.

  4. Father-in-Law (who dropped us and walked us in) threw a fit.

  5. My baby girl started crying when she realized we weren't coming (I was staying behind, she currently would feed her brother to crocodiles if she could).

  6. The folks at JetBlue were completely professional and rebooked me for tomorrow.

  7. Spent the next hour on the phone with the Gov't scheduling expedited passport appointment near my home thinking that was convenient.

  8. Phone died.

  9. Drove 2 hours in traffic from JFK (spent most of that time cursing myself out) and almost missed my appointment.

  10. Went through metal detectors and stood on line behind a boy with blond highlights and long nails who kept rubbing his behind and bending over in pants so tight he could barely walk only to learn I didn't have enough documentation on my own as Dad for my son's passport.

  11. The passport worker made me take an oath that the boy represented in the picture was a true and accurate photo of my son. I thought she was joking because he was standing right next to me (even he was perplexed by that one)...she wasn't joking.

  12. Currently waiting for the wife to land for her to fax me maternal authorization.

  13. Have to go back to passport office at 3 to hopefully get the passport by 4 if the wife does what she has to do - otherwise no trip for us.

  14. Fighting to stay awake.

  15. Ate some really bland soul food along the way.

  16. Maybe tomorrow?

  17. Son looking at me in new light (the only perk).

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