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To Spank Or Not To Spank? No More Spanking For Me

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As a boy who was spanked, and in my mind, beat, I'm not averse to spankings. Actually getting spanked is one of the lesser punishments you can receive when you have a father like mine who's got a rapid-fire automatic backhand at his disposal.

All of a sudden I'm just not much of a fan of spanking anymore.

About two weeks ago the drive to administer this kind of punishment, even as gingerly as I have done so, just poured out of me like a good sweat. The notion, the desire, the inclination just left me. Poof! Nothing in my immediate presence (such as a child of mine) brought about this change. The inclination just left and suddenly feels unproductive. For some reason I no longer feel like I need to urge my children on with something I wouldn't want someone to do me. I still see kids in the street, at the park or in the grocery store driving their parents up the wall, but gone are my imaginations of ...if that was my child...

I'm all about threatening though. I'm not sure that'll ever leave me. xBoxes, Princess Tiana, Tinkerbell, money I've given, Twinkletoes, dresses, cell phones, iPods, Lids, Fitteds, Nikes, Skechers, bicycles, popsicles, blowpops, headphones, PSPs, friends --- anything I can think of, can and might go flying out the window if these lil' ungrown people in my house don't listen to me! Oh, and I won't think twice about yanking a child down the block or clean off their feet. But that's about it for now.

What do you say/think/feel about the grand old question of To Spank or Not To Spank?

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