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In the Sunshine With Avery*Sunshine

It's been a minute since I've shared any music discoveries on the blog. Today is a nice, bright sunshiny day to do such a thing. And as we all head into our Memorial Day weekend, why not take some music along for the ride?

This past Sunday while attending Sunday Service at Impact Church in Atlanta, GA I had the opportunity to hear a woman by the name of Avery Sunshine. From what I could tell she led the music ministry for the day. Her sound was smooth and cool, and strong, created moments for me that were reminiscent of Jill Scott (a woman who's voice makes my toes curl in that way that toes are supposed to curl), Me'Shell Ndegeocello, and Erykah (Badu, that is). Turns out she has an album that is a mix of both Christian and regular old alternative R&B although I'm sure she'd argue all of her music comes by Grace. My wife picked up the album and we listened to it for about two days straight.

Today, I just feel like being good to someone, even if it is someone I don't and probably will never know. Maybe it was because her son was there with her in the church backing her up on the drums. Maybe it is because I'm in a place with my Little Black Book where if I can help promote someone else, maybe a similar blessing can come back to me. Or maybe I'm just moving with my spirit and spreading benevolence as we all have been designed to do in our own unique way.

Please take a listen to these sample tracks below. The one that truly "spoke" to me out what is listed below and on her current album is the song "Ugly". There is a sensuality in her honesty that appeals to me and I hope it appeals to you.

Check out the Avery*Sunshine Webpage. And if you like what you see and hear you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and all that fun stuff.

Happy Thursday!

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