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Social Media Landscape

I don't really get into back office stuff too much here on the blog because I'm too busy gushing about my life. But if content is the blood of my blog, the social media is the heart that pumps it, giving it an audience a.k.a. you!

Social media has allowed me to connect with each of you in one way or another and also provided the opportunity for you to have an interactive experience with one another most notably via discussion threads here via Disqus and on the requisite Facebook page. But there are several other ways to connect and hang out here.

Connect about what? You first time readers might be asking... Parenting, marriage, kids, manhood, health and fitness/self-improvement, inspiration/spirituality, love. Each of these things I believe speaks to the totality of a man and should speak to the women who love or want to love men.

If you don't know, below are all the ways you can connect under the Makes Me Wanna Holler - Man, Dad, Husband brand:

Facebook Page - share, connect, discuss, comment.

NetworkedBlogs - the place where people who love and share blogs connect on Facebook.

Twitter - Twit, Tweet, crack jokes, post twit pics, trade quotes, hashtag, PLN

YouTube - watch the videos I've been brave/silly enough to produce and share.

Google Friend Connect
- Google's Blog/Site Social Media Network. Here you can meet people who have the same interest's in you.

Flickr - Do you shoot [pics]? Even if you don't you can view my photos and leave comments here.

And then there's the good old, tried and trusted RSS feed that delivers my content right to your feed reader or inbox depending on your preference.

And I'm always looking to add more if and when it makes sense to do so...

At the end of the day here at Makes Me Wanna Holler it's all about building community and understanding around all or most things Man, Dad, Husband, family, love, life and relationships. Take your pic from the above list. I do hope you choose at least one and I do hope to see you around.

Photo Credit: Fred Cavazza

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