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Wordless Wednesday: Love What You See

Photo by E.Payne. All Rights Reserved.

This won't be wordless...

Now that I'm settling in down here in the ATL I'm making my rounds of the people I know. Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a reclaimed furniture store named Environment with someone I can count as a friend/homie. I've mentioned him here many times before because first and foremost he was my wedding photographer, but since then he and I and his wife and my wife have forged ahead as long distance buds --- dinner here and there, a drink or two between his gigs in New York or our past visits here or a simple phone call to say, "Hey E, I'm in town where's a good place to eat?" His name is Ross Oscar Knight.

Well now I'm in his neck of the woods and I had the absolute pleasure of viewing his pieces from a recent gallery showing he conceptualized, launched and hosted. In it he showcased no wedding pics, but photos from his international travels. It was entitled Beauty In the Face of Destruction. Please visit him to learn and follow his passion and charitable work. He literally loves what he sees and it shows even in the minutest details of his photos.

In one word: Breathtaking.

Above is a pic I shot of him in February shooting the woman of his dreams --- his lovely wife. This is what is called a behind the scenes shot or even a shot between a shot. Actually I wasn't even supposed to be taking pictures at that time. But I saw the moment and I took it.

See your moment and take it.

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