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'I Love My Hair': The Story Behind The Sensation

This Sesame Street video has been making its rounds in the blogosphere since it debuted last Tuesday on October 12. But do you know the story behind it? There is always a story behind a story. This one, 'I Love My Hair': A Father's Tribute To His Daughter, posted on NPR.org and the subsequent impact it is having is a pretty good one. And of course I love it even more because it is yet another example of Father-Daughter love.

Please read the following excerpt below:

A little Muppet girl has started a sensation. The unnamed puppet with an afro sings a love song to her hair.

"I Love My Hair" debuted on the Oct. 4 episode of Sesame Street. It was posted on the show's YouTube page — and then women began posting the video on their Facebook pages.

African-American bloggers wrote that it brought them to tears because of the message it sends to young black girls.

Joey Mazzarino, the head writer of Sesame Street, is also a Muppeteer who wrote the song for his daughter. Mazzarino is Italian. He and his wife adopted their 5-year-old daughter, Segi, from Ethiopia when she was a year old.

Mazzarino says he wrote the song after noticing his daughter playing with dolls.

"She wanted to have long blond hair and straight hair, and she wanted to be able to bounce it around," he tells NPR's Melissa Block.

for the rest, please visit 'I Love My Hair': A Father's Tribute To His Daughter...

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