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Holiday Blues

It's easy to get caught up in the Holiday Blues...all that's wrong with everything so there's little to no reason to celebrate. Besides who's got the money? But this time of year should be about service. Service other with our time, our talents, our donated items and food, and if possible, money.

The holidays are also about this...

Maxwell & Auntie
This isn't my child. I just happened to have my camera handy.

Whether yours are little or almost grown, remember the time and if you can't find anything good for yourself then focus on their joy. A little bit will go a long way when it comes to the kiddies. My wife and I have opted not to give each other gifts for the sake of the kids. But I've gone a bit overboard with the decorations and the lighting. Why? Because happiness isn't in what you get, it's in what you give. And seeing my daughter's face light up each time she looks at our tree (and my son thinking I've lost it) is priceless and will live on in their minds after they've forgotten or destroyed the toys they get next Saturday.

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