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Lunar Eclipse

This morning my 15 y.o. son stayed up with me to watch the lunar eclipse. My wife and daughter slept through a rare spectacle that is scheduled to occur again on 2092. Accepting my own mortality and reflecting on it, I said the following to my son:

"Well, except for maybe your sister, none of us will be around to see the next lunar eclipse unless they figure out a way for people easily live past one hundred."

My son then says, "2092. That's like forty years from now."

I stared into the darkness of my living room waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting.

But there was only silence.

Moments later I spoke. "Shh...I don't think you need to say anything more tonight. God bless your heart."

He says, "Wait, it's only 2010," and begins to laugh. "Leave me alone, it's late."

"Uh huh, instead of Black Ops, maybe I should've gotten you 'Addition and Subtraction' to play on your xBox."

But he did stay up with me. Other than discussing basic math we had a nice time talking while waiting for the moon to disappear.

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