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MMWH Goes Mobile

Nothing insightful today.

It's 2011 and the world is a smart-phone world. After agonizing for most of 2010 in vain seeking out a low-cost and aesthetic method of optimizing this site for mobile devices, I've finally hit paydirt. You might be thinking, well, that's easy all you have to do is... Stop right there. I'm a Blogger user so all those fancy-schmancy plug-ins available in WordPress World don't work for me and my kind.

Blogger released a Beta-version mobile template on Dec. 17 of last year. Beta, I presume because the template is beyond simple. You currently can't comment (sorry Disqus Nation) and the template is widget-free. And my beautiful Wibiya bar is gone. But for all you readers on the go this might not matter.

So there you have it. Makes Me Wanna Holler.com is now optimized for your smart phone. If you are an iPhone or Android user (the phones I tested) simply type in the web address: http://www.makesmewannaholler.com and the site will automatically refresh for your device. If not and your device still displays the web version of the blog simply type /?m=1 at the end of my web address. It should look like this:

scroll down to the bottom of the page and click MOBILE SITE.

(Blogger users beware: You first have to change your blog(s) settings via the link above to make your site recognizable by mobile devices.)

Now there should be no reason for you to say, "I couldn't open it on my phone." But just in case you still can't please let me know. Hopefully I will be able to roll out more options as they become available.

Happy Weekending!

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