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Make Your Bed & Don't Sleep In It

2011 is the year that I take it all back...every piece of me (if it's salvageable or if I want it), but more importantly every piece I've given away.

They say the devil is in the details and whether you believe such an entity exists or not I think most will agree that other than Acts of God, grand messes are made of many, many, many mistakes...a.k.a. details. And even still on the scientific level, Acts of God are often distilled by scientists into series of unfortunate events leading up to one big MESS!

When I was single I was a dude who liked a clean bedroom to come home to. Why? Because I did. Because it looked sexy when you had company. Because it looks sexy when you don't. Because since you're bed is typically the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom having a messed up bed will make the rest of the room look like butt.

Everyone in my house doesn't agree with this. People in general don't agree with this. "Why make it up? It's only gonna get messed up when I get back in it." I've heard this over and over again. My son feels this way too but as the biggest piece of furniture in his room is his floor he's got bigger issues. We make sure our daughter's room is nice and clean because she's a girl and she's my baby. Why not treat myself to the same level of pampering. Who knows maybe it'll rub off on my son? Although I'm sure it won't. It didn't for me until I was in college.

In 2011 I've decided I'm going to have a made bed, EVERYDAY. On Sunday I pulled a fresh set of sheets out of the linen closet, crumpled to hell and pressed them. Not with my hands, but with an iron. That's right. I ironed an entire queen set of sheets and a comforter. It took forever, but guess what? The focal point of my room, the bed looks really, really sexy right now. I enjoy collapsing on it to go to sleep and the thing I re-remembered when I made it up the first morning after I slept in it: it only takes a few minutes in the morning to make the bed. My day starts on the right foot because I leave a clean room and my evening ends well because I have an inviting bed to pass out on.

Yeah, as silly as it may sound, it's the little things that matter. Such as saying "Good Morning." When people are standing around scratching their heads wondering why the world is coming to an end, the little things that created the problem always elude them.

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