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The Week In Review - 1/28/2011

Just in case you weren't on the blog or on the Net this week, and just in case you happened to be hiding under a rock...which sometimes isn't a bad thing:

On this Blog:

I wrote about how a TV show called Southland left me in tears.

Elsewhere on the Net:

I ask the question: Are you bringing your A-Game?

In the U.S.:

President Obama gave his State of the Union Address.

The Northeast received another dumping of snow pushing the total dump so far close to 40 inches in some places.

A school in Pennsylvania is creating all kinds of controversy. Something about 6 minutes of daily "segregation."

Rahm Emanual won't go away quietly.

People are getting tired of the "Step" prefix/title.

Some people refuse to be battered by the economy.

The black woman who put her kids in a better school other than the one she was zoned for got out of jail. (This one has stirred up national outrage, and this article has some very amazing comments).

A pre-schooler brought a .22 caliber to school.

And just in case you don't follow what's going on in the world...

All hell is breaking loose in Egypt.

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