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The Curse of A Loving Father

When I take my daughter to the store women stop us to tell her:

"My goodness your mother buys you the prettiest outfits!"

When I used to take my daughter to the sitter, my prized babysitter would say:

"Mommy does your hair beautifully!"

When talking to some annoying woman about some of my daughter's ailments she asked:

"What is she taking for for that. I mean, you wouldn't know. Please, ask your wife and let me know."

When my daughter used to bring her lunch to preschool, the program director would say:

"Ummm, Mommy packed you a nice lunch, didn't she?"

When dropping off roses to my daughter's teachers this year on Valentine's Day, one said:

"Tell your wife we said, 'Thank you,' for the flowers!"

When talking to one of my daughter's best friend's mothers (whom I speak with often) at her school where I drop her off everyday, she says to me:

"Okay...[she struggles to remember my name then acts as if she never intended to say it]...tell [my wife's name that she knows from memory] I said hello."

After braving rain, snow, sleet and hail to attend nearly every single game my son has played across three sports for years, what is his question after nearly every game?

"Where's Mom?"

Really? [as in the Windows Phone commercial, "Really?" - complete with crescendo]

The list does grow longer, but not by much.

Dads you get my drift.

Don't you?

E.Payne is the author of Investing In An Emotional Letdown and I Didn't Invented Sex. For the past 3 years he has posted 600+ articles about fatherhood, marriage and everything in between here at Makes Me Wanna Holler.com. To learn more, click here.

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