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AP Manhood: Apologize Quickly

Pencil N' Paper

Any man worth his salt knows that he will never always be right. In fact a real man knows that in this great big world of ours, he knows very little. This in turn has the positive effect of making him a sponge for knowledge and wisdom at every turn.

Additionally, the man who realizes, recognizes or if necessary, is compellingly convinced that he is wrong should and must apologize quickly. Why not? Real men don't play games. They don't allow situations that are within their control to get worse. They don't allow emotional wounds to fester to the point of wreaking havoc on their lives or the lives of others. If they are focused on succeeding, then they won't have time to navigate self-made chaos. If, upon apologizing for an offense a person opts to not forgive you or seeks to punish you, that's on them. Your responsibility as a man is to acknowledge your wrong and be accountable for it. In between acknowledgment and accountability lies the apology.


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E.Payne is the author of Investing In An Emotional Letdown and I Didn't Invented Sex. For the past 3 years he has posted 600+ articles about fatherhood, marriage and everything in between here at Makes Me Wanna Holler.com. To learn more, click here.

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