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AP Manhood: Broken

Pencil N' Paper

A critical rite of passage for a man comes when he is broken. Broken from a belief system that had him full of himself and left with the only the ashes and shrapnel of his folly. This can happen by circumstance or at the hands of another man...or woman. It is that moment or series of moments when all of your self-aggrandizing, a.k.a delusions of grandeur get flushed down the toilet. Humiliated, shamed, lost, you are officially broken.

What happens next separates the real men from the other men. A man's true, defining character comes forth once all is lost. I'm no Army man, but I believe wholeheartedly in breaking a boy (a male pretending to be a man) purifying him of all his foolishness and then building him back up in the way he should go.

If you are going through a challenge right now that has you teetering; you might even already be broken. Regardless of where the blame lays, use this as opportunity for growth. Learn from your mistakes and rise above them into a new you.

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E.Payne is the author of Investing In An Emotional Letdown and I Didn't Invented Sex. For the past 3 years he has posted 600+ articles about fatherhood, marriage and everything in between here at Makes Me Wanna Holler.com. To learn more, click here.

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