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AP Manhood: Chivalry Ain't Dead

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This falls under both AP Manhood and Manhood 101. Any man who doesn't believe he needs to respect or honor women as he does himself is a fool. Whether this means giving your seat to a pregnant woman on the train or bus. Helping an elderly woman (if she wants it) across the street or down the hall, holding doors open for a woman walking in front of you or behind you as you enter a building, opening car doors, pulling out her seat at dinner, bending down to pick something up that a woman dropped or at the very least letting her know she dropped it, saying "Please" and "Thank you" when making a request and receiving it from a woman...the list is endless and should be adhered to in all but the most extreme cases. In in these situations all you can do is pray.

Believe what you want, but women are our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, cousins, aunts, teachers, nurses, pastors, etc. For the man out there not giving a flying you know what about women I pose the question: how would you feel if someone was doing the same to any of the women in your life defined at the beginning of this paragraph?

As my little daughter says, "Girls rock!" Damn what a rapper says in front of a catchy beat or some high pitched young'n sings on today's top R&B singles. Chivalry ain't dead, just the thinking of those who believe otherwise.

This is AP Manhood.

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