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AP Manhood: How Can I? vs. How Can I?

Pencil N' Paper

You might be scratching your heads on this one, but the non-italicized title above doesn't really do justice to the point I intend to make for today's lesson.

Borrowing from the Rich Dad Poor Dad psychology, the non-advanced man or the man who has simply gotten knocked off course a bit asks the question: "How can I...?" when faced with something he may wish to do, have or participate in. His stress is on the I. I meaning his present set of circumstances, skill set, or whatever it may be, that hold him captive in a prison of impossibility and lack.

The Advanced Placement Man when faced with something he may wish to do, have or participate in, asks: "How can I do this is?" In other words, what is it going to take/what do I need to do to accomplish this goal? He acknowledges his present set of circumstances and/or his lacking and is seeking to move beyond this place.

How he might go about doing this is detailed in AP Manhood: No Plan B.

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