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5 Reasons Parents Should Use eBay

When I was first contacted by eBay to be a member of their Parent Panel my first question was "Why?"

I was satisfied with the answer I received so I accepted. But that didn't quell my primary question: "What the hell do eBay and I have in common (besides the fact that I sell on eBay) and what am I supposed to be telling other parents who don't sell there or sell anything for that matter?"

At the beginning of September I was shipped off to Orlando, Florida for eBay's biannual eBay On Location convention. While there I was immersed in all things eBay and surprisingly I learned many new things about blogging and social media. Lesson learned: you're never to seasoned to learn a thing or two or three from someone new. All you have to do is be open to learn  And now hopefully you will be open to learn these 5 reasons for buying and selling on on eBay.:

1. eBay money is fun (and found) money or at least it should be in the beginning. As a parent and a father in particular my goal and mission is to provide. But what about the fun stuff - the perks the memory builders? Many times these things aren't free either. As a man it's hard to get up the energy to do something you don't want to do or feel you are forced into doing. I understand. But if you're looking for an additional source of income, I would encourage you begin your eBay experience by not taking it too seriously. Make a game of it, no different than playing fantasy football. With eBay you can prove to your spouse once and for all the things that you value but no longer use are actually valuable. The same goes for moms too!

2. eBay is one of the most competitive places to buy items and in my opinion THE online destination to locate items you simply won't find anywhere else. As it is a seller driven business chances are someone out there has interests similar to yours no matter how unique or quirky. As bad as you want to buy something there is someone out there equally anxious to sell that same item.

3. eBay is great for holiday shopping! Looking for an obscure toy from your childhood that you want your little one to have? Not interested in buying a video game at top dollar because you know your teen will beat it in a week and turn the disc into a coaster? Chances are you'll find a discounted or gently used version of the game on eBay. Likewise if you have such an item you can sell it safely on eBay.

4. The eBay Mobile app for iPhone, iPod (with camera) iPad and Amdroid makes it easier than ever to sell by making photographing your items, scanning product info, and listing that to your page all in one series of actions from your mobile device. You can also use it to purchase items and remain updated on your bid and competitive bids (see Number 1 on this list). Click here to check out the eBay Mobile apps.

5. eBay provides a one stop shopping experience. Looking for car parts or an outboard motor for your boat? eBay's got it! It is a huge company that includes eBay Motors (where you can buy and sell cars), a classifieds department, Home, Outdoor and Decor, even Tickets to events and concerts (great for finding that amazing anniversary gift or "My Daddy's a superhero!" gifts). You'll probably be surprised to know that some of your favorite brands have their own eBay stores located on the site where you can get deep discounts unavailable elsewhere. I challenge you to put anything you can think of in their search bar (that's legal) and it will be available. And last but not least, for the eco-conscious there is WorldOfGood.com by eBay.

Stay tuned for more! If you're already selling/buying or have questions about the process, please let me know in the comments section below.

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