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Reviews Vs. The Real Me

I'm sure those of you who have been reading me for years have noticed the recent changes here at MakesMeWannaHoller there are more product reviews and more brand ambassadorships than ever before. There is one simple explanation for this: I'm getting paid for 90% of them. Times are tough and I have mouths to feed and children to clothe.

In July this blog suddenly became profitable --- profitable in that it cost nothing but my time and mental energy to produce it, which in my opinion is priceless but that's just me. So it actually isn't profitable, but clearly some money beats no money at all.

At the time of this sudden boost in revenue the blog was experiencing surprising growth and all was right with the world. Not wanting to waste any opportunities I literally jumped, with both feet, at every single offer that came my way as long as 1) it is something I've used or would like to use/experience; and 2) it is something I believe you, my readers, will respond to positively. What you read here is a mere fraction of what I am bombarded with behind the scenes --- everything from chain saws to energy supplements that might take paint off walls.

In August I met a wonderful woman by the name of Michelle Saulters, a chef by trade, who was looking for ways to expand her reach online. Her story was very similar to a guy who 3 years ago was also looking to expand his reach. At the time a guy by the name of Lamar Tyler offered me the opportunity to write for his site who's traffic has grown exponentially since then and currently has a following 20 times the size of mine. Michelle reminds me of myself 2 years ago and like Lamar, I'm in the position to help and so Mondays With Michelle was born.

So please bear with me as we go through these changes. I will balance it all out soon. And there's still more on the horizon, two huge opportunities landed in my lap the morning of the day before my birthday --- a day when I was tired, spent and felt like I've been chasing around in vain after 95% of the opportunities thrust my way. I promise I'll create some of those unique posts that got you to become a fan in the first place. In the meantime please check out my MMWH Classics listed in the right sidebar of this page. Also please feel free to dive into my Archives where you can search the 740+ articles, photos and videos I've produced since February 2008 when I first sat down to a computer and decided to Holler.

Thanks for bearing with me. Thank you for reading.


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