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Remembering Whitney Houston

The awards, achievements and album sales of this singer are too numerous to reprint here. But just to give you an idea...Whitney Houston's career lasted nearly 30 years before her untimely passing yesterday evening and she sold more than 55 million albums in the U.S. Her worldwide sales top out beyond 300 million.

I first heard her voice in high school and couldn't believe the high note she hit at the end of The Greatest Love of All. I remember scrambling to find her album covering and saying to myself, "She fine!" I didn't know back then that she was a mere 8 years older than me.

She seemed to soar above all the rest with her incredibly strong voice, so strong that I used to turn her music down if not off (especially once I hit my Hip Hop phase). But there is no denying that her voice was the soundtrack of the 80's and a better part of the 90's along with Michael and Madonna and a handful of other pop superstars.

Yes, there is the current mystery surrounding her cause of death. Yes, there was Bobby Brown. Yes, there were the drugs. Yes, there were all those bizarre news stories and celebrity sightings that caused me to shake my head and feel pure sorrow for her. And yes, there were all those MAD TV skits which had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

All of the above are just footnotes, albeit important and cautionary ones, that cannot silence a voice that reigns supreme, now and forever more. I will choose to remember this classic and timeless Whitney, pictured above.

Rest In Peace, Whitney (1963-2012). May your restored voice keep the angels jammin'.

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