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Swingline's New Stack and Shred: Shred It And Forget It

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I hate junk mail, actually I hate mail period. Not hate mail, just mail in general. It quickly becomes clutter and if not protected it easily can become a goldmine for anyone looking to swipe an identity. Before I was shredding I was spending hours tearing up mail and important documents. And then I reached real adulthood (age 25 or so) and I invested in my first shredder, a piece of garbage that attached to the top of my garbage can and created long strips of paper. It took less time, but then I had new problems --- paper jams, overheating and occasional smoke.

It seems that with each degree of maturation, the more advanced the shredder I've acquired along the way. I made the leap to semi-high end cross-cut shredding a couple years ago and never looked back. But it's no less time consuming and god forbid I spill the container while dumping. The clean-up is similar to sweeping up broken glass, you just never seem to get it all.

Recently the good folks at Swingline introduced me to the Stack and Shred 60X. Admittedly it's marquee feature of shredding a stack of 60 sheets of paper at once caught me by surprise. You might even be thinking, who cares what difference does it make? But think of it this way, you can place a stack of paper in the auto-feed bin, close it, turn it on and walk away to do other things. As opposed to standing or sitting beside your shredder waiting for eight to ten sheets to shred, so you can place the next eight to ten sheets in the slot. With the Stack and Shred 60X shredding is like baking on a timer versus being trapped at the laundromat washing a queen-sized comforter. But just in case you only need to shred a couple of sheets, legal paper, glossy sheets or heavy stock sheets there is a manual bypass slot, otherwise known as the slot that exists in most traditional printers.

There is however a design sacrifice that comes with this easy to use printer. It's a little on the large size, similar to a one-drawer file cabinet. This isn't something that will easily stow away under your desk when not in use. If you can live with this and you've got a problem with paper, then this may be the shredder for you!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Swingline Stack and Shred 60X for review purposes. I was not compensated monetarily for this post. The ideas and opinions expressed here are wholly my own.

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