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Don't Quit

This past Saturday I was ready to quit. Yes, that's right, me Mr. Positivity 99% of the time. Well I hit my one percent and I was ready to be done with something I've been working on for a very long time.

And then I went to church the next day and although the pastor was preaching to an entire congregation his words felt directed solely at me. I didn't go there seeking his wisdom. In fact I found his words to be inescapable because I was trying to escape them. I left the service with renewed intention, but here's the key: a different game plan. The next few weeks and months will determine if this past Sunday was a life-changing event.

I know it's only Tuesday but I just want to encourage those of you reading this, whomever you are and wherever you come from, do not quit. I'm not being surface-level and talking about some job you can't stand, but what I'm saying is don't quit on the desires of your heart. Stop telling yourself you can't and start doing. Stop contemplating the worst outcomes and begin embracing the best ones. Don't focus on the what ifs of failure and focus 100% on getting the job done. My daughter is slowly but surely riding her bike without training wheels and her initial question was, "Daddy, what if I fall?" to which I responded, "If you focus on not falling you'll never concentrate on riding the bike." After saying this about a dozen times, she began to get it and continued to pedal knowing I was no longer holding on to the back seat. In late June I tried my best to avoid joining an exercise bootcamp until I heard my own excuses coming out of my mouth. Now I'm six pounds lighter and feel brand new because as soon as my feet touched down on the track where I work out, I knew I could.

I know you can, if you only try. Please try. Don't quit.

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