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Give Your Face A Lift With The Braun cruZer Face

As someone who began shaving my head a decade ago, my grooming needs are virtually non-existent. The most time I spend in the mirror is when I am wearing a tie and striving to make sure my half-Windsor knot is spot on. I shave my face and head in the shower and I am done with it. Time has made me proficient with any of the "36-blade and counting" razors that are currently on the market as well as the old-school safety razor of my father's generation. In fact I have both kinds and switch back and forth from using each from one week to the next depending on my mood.

But I do have a goatee and mustache and I like to keep mine neat and trimmed at all times. With my razors I am to shape my facial hair with a precision that makes the hair appear to be drawn on my face. But in the trimming department I will always have to fall back on a solid pair of clippers.

Enter the Braun cruZer Face:

And it's really that simple with the Braun cruZer Face. I liken it to the Beats (Headphones) of clippers. It's a stylish device that is ergonomically sound and gives you the array of shaving options required for facial grooming without having to go through the agony of picking and choosing different guard lengths.

I think this will make a great holiday item. It's too sexy to be contained in the category of the $19.99 - $29.99 nondescript, super-generic looking shavers and at $64.99 it's beyond that price point anyway. Bottom line, anyone receiving this is as a gift is going to know that you care.

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary Braun cruZer Face for the purposes of a eliciting a review. The opinions and expressions contained above are wholly my own.

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