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The Blogging-Storyteller-Messenger Equation

I didn't set out to be a blogger. I actually just wanted to prove that I could write to the powers that be in the publishing world. Maybe then I could get that book deal I coveted in my twenties. But something funny happened along the way: I became a blogger and nowadays I'm told I'm a messenger of sorts on the subject of marriage and family. I am thankful to the heavens above to have the ability to share my experiences in a meaningful way with all of you --- The Internet --- which both honors my family and serves as inspiration for others. People ask me how this happened. After giving some thought to it I realize the process is quite simple actually.

Behind every situation, circumstance, trial, success and failure there is a story.

Tell a compelling story and soon you will become a messenger.

What originally began as yours will quickly come to life in the minds of everyone who reads you.

If you're willing (and only if you're willing), search your life to find your story. You never know, your search may be prove to the story you're after.

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