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How To Plan For College

I am the father of a senior in high school. Similar to the way things were when I was coming up, he is going to college. The difference between then and now is that I am way more in my son's head about college than my father was in mine.

Being so hands-on in my son's process has caused me to realize remember what an arduous process preparing to go to college is: deciding what schools you want to attend, planning trips to them if your schedule or wallet permits, getting recommendations, filling out applications, scholarships, writing essays, etc.

In the midst of all this I stumbled upon a great website that lays out the basics revolving around going to college and gives both parent and child a timeline to work with, letting you know where you should be in your pursuit of higher education and why you should be considering it, period. And the most beautiful part? It has information available not only to high schoolers, categorized by the year they are in, but also for middle schoolers. Nowadays and maybe all along college should begin to become a topic of conversation at home and school for the 6th through 8th grade set. The Olympic athletes we so revere have been athletes for a LONG time. Shouldn't the same apply when it comes to academic excellence?

The name of the site is KnowHow2Go. Like me, you may have even seen the following PSA on television during a game:

Going to college isn't nearly as harrowing nor frightening when you are prepared and informed. This goes for both parents and kids. Do it sooner, rather than later.

Thoughts? Please, let me know in the comments below. We can also talk about it on Twitter at @EPayneTheDad.

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