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On Being Good And Gifted

So I had a revelation today I've been pondering for some time now: the work I do comes easy to me, so easy that I can see the solution (which can be days or months off) as the challenge is being presented to me. So the real challenge has now become how many people I can help by doing this thing I'm good at. Maybe for the first time I've recognized I am now making a living doing what I've been divinely gifted to do - what comes naturally, and yet I've questioned it, wondering if I'm not working hard enough or I must be doing something wrong if things are coming together so easily and so right.


During lunch today I wondered, is this what it is like for the Jordans and the Bolts of the world? To just go out and get it done with an apparent effortlessness that leaves others scratching their heads while pursuing a bigger challenge --- a legacy that lives beyond you in the lives of others? It makes sense: I'm 41, I've been practicing my craft for decades now. I've failed again and again and again to get to where I am right now.

Moral of the story: don't question what you're good at, just roll with it.

Thoughts? Please, let me know in the comments below. We can also talk about it on Twitter at @EPayneTheDad.

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