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Good Friday?

The roads were clear this morning. There's barely anyone in my office. There's talk of Easter in the air. And it took me half of the ride to my daughter's school for me to realize today is Good Friday.

When I mentioned this aloud to myself in the car my daughter asked, "What is Good Friday?"

I felt terrible as I answered, "The day Jesus died."

Last week we were away at Disney and the weekend before that I attended church alone. This evening my son will be working until closing time at his new job and I expect the highlight of my evening to be my picking him up. I'm not suggesting that my family and I should be piously perched somewhere, mournful. But at least as a child, I knew the significance of the day. My mother wouldn't stand for anything less and we colored eggs and did Easter egg hunts back then too (it wasn't only about church). Fast forward twenty some odd years later and my kids are both in school and oblivious other than pre-Easter sales and Cadbury Bunny commercials.

Then later this morning as I settled into work I read an article about Dr. Ben Carson standing his ground and speaking on his faith. Whether he is right or wrong, he spoke on and will not back down from what he believes. Nowadays when people do this, especially when their sentiments go against the status quo --- something that happened often in Biblical times --- they people are persecuted. Just as they were in Biblical times (albeit it mostly by social media).

Today is Good Friday and my family is barely aware. Based on my beliefs the onus for this error lays squarely at my feet. The trick of guilt or regret is to keep you locked on your mistakes, paralyzing you, so you'll never be correct, mostly because you'll never try again.

I don't intend to be that dude. In your homes I hope you don't either.

If you are able, have a blessed Good Friday.

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