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Should Victoria's Secret Make Products For Teen Girls?

Yesterday I stumbled across an open letter from a father of a 3-year old girl to Victoria's Secret addressing their launch of a line of underwear for young teen girls. Technology is one thing. Soda, cigarettes and fast food is another. They all can and should be debated, but underwear (lingerie)? You can see the product line here. You decide if you want your daughter wearing these and/or you want some boy or your own boy knowing a girl is wearing these.

To be frank, can't our kids age and struggle and try to get into trouble on their own without the aid and augmentation of retail enterprise? Should a line be drawn? When is enough enough? When do we stop the enterprises that see our kids as nothing more than the next sales crop? Do we write letters, argue with each other on social media or do we simply stop endorsing what we don't support by sternly choosing not to purchase?

Personally, I opt for the latter. So let Victoria's Secret make whatever it wants. This can be their New Coke. A friend and fellow father of mine remarked, "It's time to start voting with our wallets." Agreed. Explain it clearly to your girls (and boys). Be the bad guys if necessary. So what. Parenting isn't a popularity sport. They'll thank you later. And even if they don't, so what.

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