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The Case For Never Being Too Old

Playing the piano was a pastime and talent of mine growing up. When speaking about me to my parents, the teachers I had stopped just short of saying I was gifted. Well, at 17 and filled to the eyeballs with rebellion I showed my parents. I abandoned the piano --- one of my most favorite things and my life has been worse off for it.

Until now.

I had to muster up a lot of courage to overcome the self-doubt and procrastination which kept me from reigniting this dormant part of my life. I even had to contend with someone close telling me that it was silly to even consider it, such as taking up the recorder as an adult because I liked it in grade school. But this was different, the walls of my childhood bedroom are lined with awards I received playing piano which meant this was more than something my parents forced me to do (in fact I asked to take lesson at the age of six) and what's more it soothed my soul.

Now as I begin my fourth week of taking lessons the piano is soothing my soul once again and what's more, I am able to read music with an ease I was never capable of as a child.

I'm very glad I didn't quit two weeks in when it didn't seem like my brain was communicating with my hands as I struggled to tap out some very basic scales on what appeared to be an endless row of keys. Now, every night I play music for at least thirty minutes (butchering music most of that time) and have had to force myself to stop in order to tend to my duties around the house. Like writing, music is a place where I can get lost and explore and grow stronger and bring enjoyment to others through the experience. In this particular instance, my family. Playing piano is a part of my action plan to restore myself in 2013.

You're never too old to ___________. (Fill in YOUR blank)

What are you doing to restore yourself --- physically, emotionally, creatively or spiritually? What do you want to do or even feel you need to do but haven't done yet?

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