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Valentine's Day

So, today was the big day for some. For me it was a trivial observation. Being a romantic is all about having a plan (always) or at least being spontaneous and electric on the fly. By the looks of things in the city, most were operating with blinders on --- buying any old bouquet of flowers/roses they could get their hands on. Every grocery store and deli storefront was overflowing with people buying cheap, overpriced (based on demand) flowers that'll probably be dead by the time the sun sets on Saturday. I can only imagine what it must feel like to receive some afterthought, last-minute, cheap flowers. It's on days like these I'm thankful I was born male.

My wife and I decided to eat comfort food, make hamburgers and French fries and bake cookies with the kids. We were all pretty exhausted after the hamburgers and fries and never made it to the cookies. For the day I gave the wife a kiss, a card, a funky brush from Pylones in Grand Central Station and a promise of a pair of shoes she's been drooling over. I gave my daughter a Romeo & Juliet chew toy (for dogs). She loves it and went to sleep saying "Romo - Julet" clutching it in her little, fat hands. My son gave his little girlfriend a teddy bear and some candy at school...and so it begins. I got to take a nap for a few minutes after dinner, and as far as presents go, that was enough for me. Like I said, my maleness (through trial, tribulation and straight-up horror story...more on this later) prevents me from wanting on a day like Valentine's Day. I'm just happy my family's happy.

To all the lovers out there and all those without love, Happy Valentine's Day.

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