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Pregnant With Hers

Yesterday, I heard from a friend of mine who's about 7 months pregnant. Via email she told me how her boyfriend isn't all that interested in being intimate with her. She went on to remark, "I'm pregnant, not dead!" I shuddered. First, at being provided with a visual I didn't ask for; second, I was thrown back in time to when my wife was pregnant with my baby and was a sex-crazed maniac. Below is my exact response to my friend's concerns.

From: Me
To: My Friend
Subject: RE: Hillary Clinton
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 18:02:14 +0000

uh thanks for sharing all that (NOT). But in defense of him there are 2 types of guys. Nasty freaks who think doing it with pregnant women is cool and the rest of us who'd rather be beat with a rake.

Yes, your sex drive goes up...
Yes, you're libido is off the wall...
Yes, you're ravenous...

But it's gross to think your kid is in there somewhere (honestly). I think pregnant women (well not all) are absolutely beautiful, but I just couldn't deal. I went through the same thing with my wife...she harassed me...then tortured me and I just went through it to appease her. I consulted some other dads I know and they had similar stories.

My friend told me she nearly fell out of her chair from laughing so hard after reading this. I was glad for the opportunity to make someone smile, especially with honesty.

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