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Blogging As Therapy

A recent Newsweek article speaks directly to me and what this blog has become for me: therapy. All of us manage our daily crises differently and I do believe we all experience aberrations in our personalities and characters from time to time based on societal influences, personal issues, etc. Unfortunately, we've come to loosely term those who are unable to manage these experiences as crazy. It's a word I often use comically referring to others and sometimes my life, and quietly I view myself as occasionally nuts. Before the blog, I was bottling up a lot. Now, I've become pretty efficient at letting things roll off my back...most things.

Now that Makes Me Wanna Holler has been up for a few months, I'm getting a steady flow of comments on the stuff I muse over. Yesterday, I wrote a general post (and associated poll) regarding a subject that's close to me at the moment. As therapy. As most bloggers know you can control what you want the world to see. Surprisingly, but I guess, not so surprisingly you began to comment. My gut reaction was to leave the post as one that couldn't be commented on, but blogging is about open discourse and in the essence of the forum I didn't want to shut that down. There was a difference of opinion that began to develop and there's nothing wrong with that. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

The Newsweek article concludes with the suggestion that it's okay to share as long as you don't share too much and it has been become clear to me that I shared too much on yesterday's question/poll. People sometimes do things without thinking of the repercussions or the feelings that might get hurt. Yesterday and today I am guilty of this error in judgment. With that said, I've taken down the post and in front of all, I apologize to my wife --- the mother of my children --- my best friend --- and unfortunately as of late, my foe. I am sorry for hurting you (should you happen to visit again anytime soon).

For those of you who voted and commented. Thank you, please continue to visit, vote and comment. Keep your eyes peeled for something on the light side. And until I come up with another question, stay tuned. A printer whom I do business at work told me this morning, "The good Lord'll take care of ya, so don't worry about anything and enjoy life." He's an older man with perspective.

I'll take that perspective with a side of fries on the side.


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