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Cheating Hearts, Regretful Hearts

Most of you who visit know this site is about my mix of joy and bewilderment with fatherhood, my wife and the things that happen in this life --- New York and otherwise. As stated in my previous post, I've got plenty to proud and happy about.

But it isn't like this for everyone. Many men and women alike regret this decision, like the Mexican dude I saw yesterday on the 2 Train wearing a shirt that read "Life Sentence" with a icon of a man and woman exchanging vows at the altar. A few months back I bumped into a friend of mine, now married with kids like me, and he told me point blank, "I get p---- every chance I get, kid." And he wasn't referring to his wife.

Plenty of people get divorced. But so many more are bound by fear, religion/values, finances and family and choose to stay and remain in abject misery.

So these questions next are for the brave:

Do you ever regret your move down matrimony lane?

Are you tired (or have you ever been tired) of being a parent?

If you could do it again, would you?

Have you ever cheated to deal (for real or in your head or on the computer)?

If you dare answer (any or all of the above), please feel free to do so anonymously if you prefer. I'll start the honesty ball rolling by saying that I don't regret getting married, but there have been times when I've wondered if I was smoking crackrocks when I decided to walk this walk. And there are other (worse) times when I hope I'll wake up and discover this was all a bad dream.

No worries, ladies. My wife has felt much worse about me when she's found herself in this place.

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