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Basic Math

I discovered a mathematical riddle yesterday that I'd love to share.

What does 1 minus 3 equal? Take your time to think about this.

The answer is:


You might be asking, "What kind of math is he doing?"

Well it's pretty simple:

In July, 1 of my employees who made up my section of 3, departed for the good life: staying home to be a stay at home mom.

1 - 3 = 2

Then my remaining employee added the responsibilities of her colleague on to her own, which prompted her to depart for bigger and better things: 1 job that pays more money and has clearly defined responsibilities.

1 - 3 = 1

This now leaves me, 1 person, to handle the responsibilities of 3 people. I've been at it for about 2 weeks and up to my eyeballs in it. Amazingly, there are no real plans from the top to replace my staff. So, given the mathematical trend it's only a matter of time that:

1 - 3 = 0

The departure of 1 individual and the mystifying decision not to replace her will inevitably lead to the entire clearing out of a section with no one on staff equipped to do its work. If our work wasn't vital I'd think this was intentional, but because I know otherwise, I just don't get it.

I still won't get it once I make this job a memory.

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