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I Can't Do Diddly

Despite my best intentions. My best plans. Writing out a to-do list. Setting aside time. I just can't get anything done in my home.

While working on his Ph.D., a frat brother of mine used to leave to go to either Starbucks or my place to work. I figured he should be able to have at least one room where he could be in peace (he has a nice, modest sized home in Long Island). Oh, how wrong was I.

I'm here to acknowledge at 12:45am (when I'd rather be in bed and had every intention of being in bed) that my kids are running this asylum. Best laid plans are shot to hell by a teenager who pitifully does his best to stay up past his bedtime and practically falls asleep wisecracking me and a toddler Tasmanian Devil who needs to be "put down" with everything short of a tranquilizer dart. And to top it off, my loving wife isn't the most embracing of solitude person either as a sibling and a family oriented person who thrives off of swarming conversation. I do too from time to time, but I'm a introvert at heart.

So here I am...the house is quiet, I have all the solitude I want to work on resumes and my writing. And guess what? I'm dead tired, dreading the idea of waking in a few hours to start a new day of foolish pursuits at work.

C'est la vie. It is what it is until I figure out a way to make it better --- or at least different.

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