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Irresponsible Love

Today, I had every intention on writing about my day yesterday. Something along the lines of:

I was off yesterday taking care of my daughter, played xBox with my son, the wife came home and she was annoyed about this and that when she got home, etc., etc.
I intended to finish off the piece with something meaningful about the battle between the sexes, throw in a few jokes and quips and wish everyone a Happy New Year.


As I was walking to the train this morning, tiny, fluffy, snowflakes --- the kind you catch with your tongue --- were falling softly to the ground. While I waited for the train the ground began to whiten around me as were all the naked tree limbs in my line of sight. It was so quiet and comfortable even though it was cold as you know what.

And then inspiration hit me in a way it hasn't in a while. I was suddenly carried back to a time when I loved irresponsibly. I don't mean not using protection and ending up with an oops. I mean loving for the sake of loving, casting off care, being silly, holding hands, kissing ferociously and itching, literally itching to see the one you love.

If there is a benefit to being single or without kids, a.k.a. responsibility is that there's nothing in the way of love. Don't get me wrong, these things shouldn't be in the way of love in the first place, but over time, caught up in a grind, being miserable because an expectation hasn't been met somehow becomes the norm. Think about it, when you were first in love, in the honeymoon phase, did the dishes being washed really matter? Did taking out the trash make or break the evening? Did you get pissed off if that special person couldn't follow through on something you asked them to do? Of course you didn't, because you were too busy ripping each other's clothes off, frolicking around in a house that looked like hell because the two of you tore it to pieces over the course of a one, two or three day lovefest.

In 2009, I want to love irresponsibly and irrepressibly, love in spite of what isn't right and love freely, something that admittedly I've let slip through my fingers in the last couple of years.

In addition to getting back in top shape this is what I intend to bring to the table in 2009.

Peace and blessings to each of you. Be safe, be well and be merry.

Happy New Year.

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