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How To Love A Black Woman -- Part II

How To Love A Black Woman -- Makes Me Wanna Holler - Man, Dad, Husband...

A random passing thought motivated me to write the above piece and I got (and hope to continue to get) some great comments out of it.

One in particular went like this:

"What has a woman's attitude got to do with her race/nationality or even culture? Why is there a need to categorize?

You may like an individual and you may not like the other. That really has nothing to do with 'black women' in particular.

I wonder when are we going to stop thinking conveniently with our narrow minds."

I agree with the sentiment and maybe a better way to classify "attitude" is "swagger." I do believe different ethnic groups, nationalities or whatever have ways of carrying themselves that are unique to them. However, I don't believe these ways (culture) carry the negative connotations that they do for both men and women in the African American community. As painfully denoted in the Yahoo poll that was taken in the weeks before the recent Presidential election, there is a negative national consensus on the way African Americans conduct themselves and who we are. The tragedy is that from within the microcosm (African Americans) the sentiment of the macrocosm is frequently echoed. It's something no one really likes to talk about anymore and maybe I shouldn't have brought it up. But it was on my mind, and it's my blog so I figured I share. As an anonymous commenter stated:

"Unfortunately we as a race still need to mature in how we deal with one another...

Fight the Good Fight - It's called LOVE!"

My bigger point is that real love is powerful enough to cut through all the b.s. and turn the most formidable woman --- black, white, purple, pink or polka dot --- into a giggling schoolgirl. If the loving is real.

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